Training Today’s Brightest Minds

to Solve Tomorrow’s Problems JEE ( cheap date lyrics Main+ jerkily Advanced) and NEET  courses for modern India!

KAAY Academic Monitoring Organization supports students by introducing a variety of courses. KAAY helps to cultivate thinking and reasoning skills and build up precise analytical verbalization in students.


Honesty | Determination | Commitment | Humanism | Excellence | Integrity | Devotion | Respect


“Every student in India becomes a success story”, facilitate them to deal with real-life situations with mental clarity and a problem-solving aptitude


Encourage the student to explore the multiple aspects of the subject through the implementation of its principles in life and thereby develop a passion for it


A Better Future Starts Here

Kaay AMO began in 2020. After years in the education field, we realized that it was near impossible for the average student to clear Jee (Main+Advanced) and NEET examination. The traditional education system is simply too complicated, time-consuming, and expensive to manage. So we are here with fully developed courses with Self Assessment Tests (SAT), practice quizzes, previous year questions set, online test series, and innovative video lectures specially designed for online students. All this is made easy for you to understand and do a lot of practice.

A Classical Education for the Future

We created the Kaay Academic Monitoring Organization with the students’ perspective in mind as the name suggests we monitor students’ regular performance in online quizzes and Self Assessment Tests. We wanted to offer a platform that would require no prior knowledge for Jee (Main+Advanced) and NEET preparation. We kept it simple so that students can focus on their studies and get more time for practice. All the best to all of you for your better future. You will get online support from our team.

A Journey to Excellence

After seeing an increased need for eCommerce solutions, we developed one of the only fully-featured online education stores, allowing students to achieve their dreams.